Company Name : Arcon

Job Title : General workers

Location : Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Czech Republic

Payment : 4500zł

Working Hours : 8-10

Accomodation : Free

  • Job Title :Forklift operator

  • Job Discription :

    A forklift operator is a key role within our recruiting company's logistics team. The operator is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of forklifts and other material handling equipment. This role plays a crucial part in maintaining a smooth and organized workflow within our warehouse or distribution center.


    • Safely operate forklifts and other equipment to transport, stack, and load materials.
    • Efficiently handle inventory, ensuring accurate tracking and placement.
    • Maintain a clean and organized workspace, adhering to safety standards.
    • Assist in inventory counting and reporting discrepancies to supervisors.
    • Collaborate with team members and communicate effectively to ensure smooth operations.
    • Perform routine equipment checks and basic maintenance as needed.


    1. Valid forklift operator certification or license.
    2. Prior experience operating forklifts and material handling equipment.
    3. Knowledge of safety regulations and best practices.
    4. Physical fitness for manual tasks and ability to lift heavy objects.
    5. Strong attention to detail and accuracy in inventory management.
    6. Effective communication skills and the ability to work well in a team.
    7. Flexibility to work in varying shifts and adapt to changing priorities.

    Join our team as a forklift operator and play a vital role in our company's logistics operations.